Friday, September 2, 2011

The return of Rocco!!!!!!!!

'Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience'. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi all,

Still on my break but I wanted to share these pictures I took of our garden. We have lovely mushrooms growing!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh and apple trees. Not the sweet apple chew on an apple a day kind, more like apple tarts with loads of sugar and apple jam with even more loads of sugar. Anyways, I am all apple'd out. I cant even look at an apple anymore (good thing I don't have an Apple laptop huh?) I honestly, don't even know what I just typed. Excuse me.........brain not functioning anymore. Anyhooooo these pictures where taken with Rocco. Yep my old trusty buddy is back to save the day!!!!!! Onto the pictures....

Just Perfect.
just perfectly hidden....

more apples (these are more yellowy/orange)
Birds and insects got to this one ;-)

I think this is my Fav shot....wait till I play around with this !!!!!! Make that blue pop and that red come out more!!!!!!!

I love it when seasons change!!!!!!!!! so whats Happening round your parts? Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!

Blessings, Change and Growth


  1. Lovely pics Desh! You're so lucky to have a garden! So, how many apple pies have you made? ;)

  2. Thanx Mel!!!!!! To be honest, I cant stand apple pie, but my mom has made a few. I am a cheese cake, milk tart kinda gal. Muah!!!!!!


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