Friday, August 5, 2011

Can you really ever go home?

'To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions'.

- Sam Keen

Hi all,

So let me just back track a little bit, I was born in Zambia, raised in Namibia to Namibian parents and left Namibia in 2003 for Europe: Vienna, Austria to be exact till 2009, then moved to Nigeria till 2010 and then Sweden from then till now. I have lived in Vienna longer than I did in Zambia. Apart from Zambia and Namibia its the only other home I have known. Good times and bad ones. But I grew in that time frame. I am wiser, stronger, more confident, more Me. I know who I am now, more then I did 2 years ago.......So can you really ever go home again?

Gotta say, I loved my time in Vienna, it opened my eyes to so many things, that's the thing about me.... I adjust, I make do, I sort it out and make it work for me. But I will be honest, I can live in a place and leave and not turn back.......just for that simple reason ( it served its purpose for me, every place is a lesson), I find myself in a new space, in my mind. I am at a new place in my life and my new surroundings accommodating that thought. My thinking is more different, it Evolves. It works with the person I am becoming. I love Change and I love what Change does to me. Lets see what Vienna teaches me, she taught me so much the first time, maybe she will teach me more now. Let me try and answer that question, Can you really ever go back ' home'?

Blessings, Love and New homes.

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