Monday, June 1, 2015

Mama pichted it!!!!!

'Be happy... not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything'- anon

Happy 1 June everyone

So we are going into winter and boy can I feel it. Its not gonna be pretty!!! I don't do Namibian winters. Cold and dry? Not for me. 

Anyways, below are pictures of Maya and her hair. The first is what we could do if she allows us and the rest is what the lady at her daycare did her us. We asked her if she could plait or do anything with the hair so that it can be a neat, tidy style (protective) for a few weeks, and This is what we got. Its been a week now and its going strong. 

My bantu knots'd girl

Neat and tidy

Peace (with my sis B)

Stunna shades. Yes that jersey says Mischief Maker!!!!!

I like this style for a number of reasons; we used pantyhose instead of cotton so the hair breathes a bit and it's not so tight. Come wash day which will be end of this week, I can easily get to the scalp. This is also possible for oiling her scalp - we are using pure coconut oil. And this style shows off her face more. she just looks so different. 

We will prolly just do this till her hair is long and she allows us at home to work it. My little Diva.

Peace, Love and June month

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