Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Driving lessons - update

'Dude, like seriously.... Move!!!!!'- in the streets of Whk

Its Wednesday

Hiya, so I have had 2 lessons with my driving instructor and I survived. As did the car, the other drivers and my sanity. I have paid for 5 lessons to start and he thinks I will need 15 before we can consider going for my drivers licence. I think 15 is about right. I have that much confidence in my ability to steer.

That being said...... I swear other cars act like they were born drivers and came out the womb with a car and some papers (very painful thought-ouch!!!!!). I keep having to remind myself that EVERYONE started off learning and everyone has been where I am. And I should just ignore the hooting and overtaking. Even if it was somebody's 90 year old gramma who gave me the bird and overtook me in her little old yellow beetle (lies..just for dramatic effect).

I (secretly) like driving. I like knowing that at the end of this journey I can be free and on the open road and go on road trips but in real life I can go to the store to buy some bread and milk. But still I will be able To drive myself to the store. That's the point. The freedom to drive to the furthest shop across town just to get some milk and bread. coz now I got's my licence and now I can.

Just need more confidence, more hours and less people on the road then I will be a perfect driver.

Keep your fingers crossed. And Say a Prayer.

Joy, Love and Yellow Beetles

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