Thursday, July 12, 2012


'Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead' - Yvonne Woon. (Dead Beautiful)

Hi all

So this India reflection ties in with my coming home to Namibia - Africa.

There is a bitter sweet taste that traveling leaves in your mouth when you put your bags at the door in your mothers home. And here I am, 30 years old, lessons learned, time spent and memories made.

First of all, I loved India.

And Nigeria, and Austria and Germany and Sweden. I love all the places I left my mark. But India and Nigeria left a mark on me.

Someone asked me recently if I had any regrets. And I honestly said, I had none. I guess for me, I just take everything as a lesson. I have made mistakes and learnt from them. I have no regrets. My life is such that I take every opportunity as a lesson in which to learn....I know some may not be to my liking, but that's my path. That's my destiny. That's the road I choose. I decided at a young age to believe in me. To trust my instinct and never conform.

India taught me, that I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I don't follow. I Love to push. Push buttons, push extremes and push boundaries. As an African women, being 30, unmarried and childless and going beyond expectations about marriage, life and family. I went there. I tasted it. And I loved it. Its my fuel. Its my calling. I live to be without boundaries, with expectations, because even I know, they wont meet what I have planned for myself tomorrow. Because even Tomorrow is a mystery to me.

                                                My journey was about hair.

I started out shaving it off and starting new, at a crossroads between Austria and Nigeria. Almost 3 years later, its grown more. Its almost an obsession. My hair, my skin, my soul, my mind. I take more care now about my whole being than ever before. I grow my own herbs, I mix my own body butters and oils. I read ingredients and watch what I take into my system. I own my body. I take charge of it. It's my blessing and my gift and I treat it as such.

India also taught me, my hands are my gift from the Highest Being. I feel it. This power, when I touch another, when I mix some oils and even when I cook, I feel this gift. My hands, they have their own story to tell. I love that. These small hands, they heal, they make a difference and they feel. Its electrifying. Knowing that in the palm of your hands you have so much power. And its beautiful, knowing, you are gifted to heal and help.

Its also a hindrance, lol  because now I want to go back to painting, sketching, photography, writing, poetry and singing.....And And And...... I am not done yet, but for now, I found my calling and I am satisfied. Its this simple satisfaction, this simplicity, that always scared me.  That in essence, life is so simple.That something so simple ( like massaging ) could give me pleasure and for now fulfillment.

That's India.

 You go half way around the world, only to sit still and find yourself and realize all the power is within you.

I am sorry if you came here for the bad stuff and ugliness but if you have been following me, than you know, I don't do that here.

 I ain't done traveling yet.

Namibia will be my base for now.

That means I have 53 countries to go through.  Rocco got a new chip and he is good to go. So now you know. This Queen is back on her continent and its time to shake things a bit...... First things first, get some news shoes and pick the 'fro some more!!!!!!!!

That is my reflection on India.
From here on out, We all look forward.
Blessings and Love. Peace to you.

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  1. wow your blog is inspiring! I love the fact that everything you use and potentially eat is natural - I aspire to be like you. A very nice read thanks.



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