Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Lives!!!!

'All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name'. ---- Andre Breton

Hi All, 

Happy New Year, I know I am late, but please forgive and know I have very good reasons. Last I posted, I was in Windhoek, Namibia and well I am back in Stockholm, Sweden and I came here with extra luggage!!!! 

Please welcome ........

My world!!!!!
Thats right I am pregnant with my first child. The above sonar was taken at 18 weeks. And it cant be seen, but baba was kicking. 

This is 'us' at 20 weeks. Hair is not behaving!!!!

here we are again at about 20 weeks also. Bug eyed but hair much better. 

This one was also taken at 20 weeks. 

All these pictures were taken in Windhoek. 

I am currently 26 weeks and all is well. We do know the sex, but still keeping mum about that. Next week, I go to visit my midwife here and learn all I need to learn about births in Sweden and the hospital, blood work,  more sonars, etc etc. I just flew in a week ago, so will have to go through everything again. But I love seeing my baba on the sonar so it will be worth it. And it seems that baba agrees because its kicking me wonderfully. 

Over the next few weeks, will blog more on topics such as 
- my natural hair care whilst preggars. 
- my feelings about this great new world I am going into
- natural vs c-section options for me.
- baby books
- baby shopping
- names and meanings I toyed with
- pregnancy symptoms I have had and still continue to have.
- maternity wear
- the last trimester 
- my skincare regime during this time

I will try not to turn this into a baby blog but please keep in mind this is my first child and at this point in my life Everything is about baby!!!!! well, baby, food, rest, boobies and more food..... um I mean more about baby. Yes thats what I meant. 

I feel wonderful about being back and I cant wait to share this exciting phase of my life with all of you. 

Blessings, Baby and Abundant Joy

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