Friday, July 6, 2012

Land of the Brave

'Only the mountains never meet' - Namibian Proverb

Hi all

I know its been a while since I have logged on and its been a bit hectic, however, I am settled and can reveal where I am right now.......Drum roll please......


Yep, I am home, my home, my parents home, land of my ancestors, my roots and my beloved country. I have been here now for 3 weeks and am still catching my breath. Gorgeous sunsets, man on a horse (I never have my camera!!!!!) friends, family and winter. This Queen landed in Windhoek, Namibia in the middle of winter after leaving 38 degree India!!!!!!!

So, for now, let me get my stuff together and get back to regular blogging.......However let me leave you with some new shots I got last week....

My amused face

My professional face

My confused face

My happy face!!!!!!

And the hair- I hear you ask....well that was a wash and go, twist out, just left it to do its thing. I used some Aloe Vera gel, Water and my hair Butter. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Wow, this year alone, I went to Germany, India, (and Sweden) and now Namibia. And its only July!!!!!!! Last year, I went to England, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany ( and Sweden). Am trying to beat that record lol hahhahahah So far so good, I would say. 

Have a great weekend everyone. Greetings from Africa!!!!!!

Blessings, Love and Home.

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  1. Hey, Lady. You are looking lovely. They say you can always go home. Hope you enjoy every single moment.


Thank You for your comment!!!!!!!