Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa!!!!!

Luck is believing you're lucky.

- Tennessee Williams

Hi Santa

So, this year, I was good really good. I was a little naughty but for most parts very good. I ate all my veggies,I exercised, I even fasted a few times during the year, I was kind, considerate, helpful and kept a positive attitude. So ummmmm yeah, here is my Christmas wish list..... feel free to send me everything or just a few things but please not less than 5 items. I have been really Really REALLY good and I can give you names of people who haven't, so there........I am just saying. I know people........

Firstly Nico my baby camera (which I love Dearly) needs a sibling and I really want to get him this I will even name her Niki!!!!!!!

My music player died a terrible death a few weeks ago and I want to replace it with this,

Hair Products - Everything from a denham brush, to hair milk, hair butters, Shea Butter, Henna etc.


Sweden, need I say more.....

and some La Perla,

Some Chanel to go with the La Perla

some Mac cosmetics as well

also, some cook books,

and a White Mac laptop.

Yep, thats about it Santa. I am very sure, my previous mail was lost ( I don't know how seeing as I am now closer to you than last year when I was in Abuja) but I figured sending you an email message was the best way to go. P.s dont come down the chimney, longgggggggggg story. But I will have some 3% fat milk and chocochip with oatmeal cookies for you.

Afropean Queen,

you know, the good girl.

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