Saturday, November 16, 2013

Protective style - Windhoek

'Gray hair is Gods graffiti'.- Bill Cosby

So am back in hot Windhoek and my hair was not understanding. It was a hot fussy matted mess. I opted to deep condition it and have it braided for a  few weeks. Below are pictures. 

My hair after it was washed and blow dryed

All natural

Thick and full

Arm pit length

This is what I used to deep condition my hair.

Dark and Lovely - Ultra Cholesterol, Conditioning mask.

Then I co-washed with this - Organics, conditioner for dry damaged hair with Shea Butter.

Then I had my hair did.

This style is called a fishtail pushback. I first had the ends cut and trimmed before the braiding began.

From the side

From the front

The beautiful pattern

All in all, I am very happy with my protective style. I will keep this in until December 20 and  do a natural hairstyle for my sisters wedding before I embark on a 6 month protective hair challenge. 

This style is fantastic for this hot 35 degree weather Windhoek is having. My scalp can breath, my ends are protected and I spritz my hair and scalp with a mixture of water, glycerin, coconut oil and almond oil. 

Yay for happy healthy protected hair.

Peace, Love and Fishtail braids

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