Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ayurvedic Henna Treatment

'Anyone who believes that anything can be suited to everyone is a great fool, because medicine is practiced not on mankind in general, but on every individual in particular'. Henri de Mondeville

Hi everyone

My favorite month is upon us!!!!!! Countdown to the big 3 0 is well underway.  Moving along, I FINALLY had my hair Henna'd!!!! Applause please lol. I had it done at the Ayurvedic clinic where I am studying. So below are pictures....

I prepared my hair the night before my putting it in individual braids and then combing it through

Ayurvedic Henna from the clinic

hair combed through

starting at the roots

the first piece of hair was rolled into a Bantu Knot and then the next part was rolled around this to create a cone

almost through

all done

hair is under a shower cap for 2 hours

ready to rinse

hair was rinsed only with lukewarm water. No shampoo at all.

after towel tints at my edges.

When I came home, I spritzed the hair with water and applied a little bit of coconut oil to my  finger tips and then first Twisted the hair and then Bantu knoted the twist. Tied my hair up with a scarf and off to dreamland I went. The next morning...... These are the results.

Morning after, Beautiful red/brownish color

the purple that you see, is a headband, not my hair lol!!!!!!

Gorgeous waves, curls and great color. My hair feels soft, bouncy and very girly!!!!!!

I will say, this was fabulous!!!!!!! I haven't had anyone do my hair in a while and I did miss the salon feeling of someone treating, combing and washing my hair.  I was treating my hair against dryness and dandruff. I have been so busy with classes, haven't had time to oil my scalp and have been co-washing and tying my hair with a scarves during the day (its getting into the 40s over here) and this weather is playing havoc with my hair. So I needed extra herbs in the Henna to help with my condition. I opted to towel blot instead of using a blow-dryer. Still on that no Heat Challenge.

Will probably leave my hair like this till the 10th (its the 6th today) wash with shampoo and do mini twists. My hair just cant with this weather. 

Blessings, Joy and Henna

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