Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nighttime calling

Its calling again, can you hear it?!!!!

There it is,
just a whisper, so small, so soft, just for my ears......
Its telling me a secret, so sweet, so sound,
I have never heard so sincere,
am I scared? nope, its fascinating....,
secrets in the night, tales of wisdom, thoughts, long gone by, little stories
truths, lies, fantasies,
all true, all lies.
The kiss on my lips, on my neck, on my breasts.....
so on and so forth,
I cant stop, I dont it want to stop.
What do you do?, when your body commands your mind, every emotion, every sense
every smell seems forever new.
I have never felt touch that was so light,
it seems to escape my finger tips
oh they seem so light, do you feel them?
my touch, my lips, my hands,
my love.
I give it so freely,
my all.
Now what ?
as I took into your eyes, beyond you, forever and far
can you see it?
its a secret, it calls on me, while it whispers to you.
Love me, and I will show you all the secrets of life
I hold them, deep within me,
so deep
you only have to search within me, to find them.
Only the truth, can conquer, only the truth shall seek.
Only the truth shall find.

Can you hear it? Its calling again......
Take my hand, I will lead you. all the way, truth, shall set us all free.
Hear it, feel it, believe it and finally, live it.
Its not so loud, it whispers softly...
but only for your pure heart, in it, shall it, forever more and beyond.

Can you hear it? Its calling again......... whispers
close your eyes, breathe in the sounds, my hearts music
its there. For you and me.
Allways there.
Can you hear it?

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